Published On: Mon, Nov 7th, 2016

Artisan brew for the King of Kings: “Goss”

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Goss is a 100% Mexican artisan beer, born of a spontaneously conceived but well-considered idea, produced right in the heart of UNESCO World Heritage, beautiful colonial San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.

During a quiet afternoon, while Van Rijn Stewart was eating in a restaurant, he realized that a person next to him, requested a beer to the waiter, and that was when he had a moment of inspiration that made him reflect deeply.

One second later, Van Rijn said to himself: “I will launch a new beer brand that will have presence in markets worldwide, all who taste it will appreciate its high quality, eventually becoming their favorite, and I will name it GOSS beer.”



This is how Van Rijn began the difficult task of making his dream a reality, researching, experimenting and becoming a lover and a high level expert in the art of brewing.

A few years afterwards, he came up with the perfect recipe, an exquisite brew that could satisfy the most exigent palate. And decided that he would produce three different types of beer:

American Ipa  

Ale type Fermentation, with murkier body and foam of great quality, with liberal sweet fruity flavor and bitter aftertaste, it contains a variety of ingredients, and a high percentage of alcohol.

The consistent foam is due to the type of fermentation, its color to the special recipe that makes it unique, and the water is important to provide it with minerals and salts.


Blonde Ale

Ale type Fermentation , with light body and low foaming, with liberal type of  flavor and a sweet aftertaste.

The low foam is due to the type of fermentation and its “light reddish” color makes it unique. The type of minerals and salts provided by the water are what give this drink an exquisite flavor. And the secret ingredient is a touch of cherry, that gives it that particular reddish hue.



Brown ale

Ale Fermentation, light and frothy beer with a consistent body and caramelized malt flavor.

It is frothy due to the type of fermentation and its color is dark, the water is important to provide it with minerals and salts.


You can find “Goss” artisanal beer at the following restaurants,:

  • Restaurante 2
  • Restaurante 3

Van Rijn Stewart / Goss Beer (vimeo)

For more information about “Goss Cerveza Artesanal” send an email to or call 415 1 156 755.



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