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Governor apologizes for suggesting “spanking and whipping” to educate children

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Governor Miguel Marquez Marquez publicly apologized for suggesting “a good spanking or whipping” as an effective way to teach children some respect for their parents, school teachers and other authorities.

On Friday October 28, Marquez gave a controversial message during the launching of a social program to aid the people who live near the train tracks, considered a conflicting and unsafe area in the municipality of Celaya.


Governor of Guanajuato state, Miguel Marquez Marquez (Photo: Karina Urbina / Proceso.com.mx)

This is what Marquez said as part of his speech during this event:

“What can we expect from someone who does not respect their parents?  You think these individuals are going to respect the authorities? Absolutely not. In that sense, it is important to take responsibility over them as adults. Home is our first school, and parents need to take action, a good spanking or whipping on time, can be a good disciplinary measure .” 

Human Rights people can say what they want, but I think it is better to act on time, or there will be a social breakdown, a breakdown of our community and tomorrow there will be no rules, no law…”

Later, on Tuesday November 1st, during a working trip to San Francisco del Rincón, Marquez declared:: “My statement was just a personal point of view”, what I meant is that we need to provide more education and discipline to our children, that’s all.”

And then the governor insisted: “If children are not respectful with their family and parents, how can we expect them to respect our society in the future“.


(Photo: @miguelmarquezm / m-x.com.mx)

However, the Governor clarified that it was not his intention to disrespect the children’s human rights.

I’m always respectful for human rights; I have children, and I offer an apology if at some point my statement was offensive“.

Despite of his words on Friday October 28, when Marquez explicitly said “Human Rights people can say what they want” (referring to the State, National and International Human Rights Commissions), the governor offered not only his apology, but his “recognition” to those who work in favor of human rights in the state of Guanajuato.

My commitment continues, because we are working on promoting the rights of all persons in our state”, he added.

Marquez continued: “So far we have not received any communication from the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH- Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos) after this “misinterpreted” statement.” However, the governor reiterated his apology.

Finally, Marquez insisted that in his personal opinion, parents must care for their children, and discipline is essential in their lives, and said that it is necessary to teach them to distinguish between good and bad, in order for them to go in the right direction.

Source: http://www.proceso.com.mx/

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