Published On: Thu, Dec 29th, 2016

Urban works at Parque Juárez temporarily suspended

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The works of extension and replacement of sidewalks that surround the Parque Juárez in San Miguel de Allende were temporarily suspended. Municipal authorities reported that these works will resume until the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) officially approves the project.

It was said that although the zone does not correspond to the protected area, it is sought to assure the residents of San Miguel that the project will be validated by INAH, reason why the Director of Public Works, Felipe Tapia, asked the contractor not to intervene until having the permit.

Despite the suspension, citizens placed stamps of ‘suspended work’, as part of their protest at the alleged lack of transparency and legality.

According to the demonstrators, the closure is based on the violations observed in clauses, articles and sections of the agreement between the Municipality and the Ministry of Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu), the Federal Law on Monuments and Archaeological, Artistic and Historical Areas , and to the Operational Guidelines of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention.

The citizens of San Miguel de Allende declare this project as a suspended work,” cites the document that was placed on the streets of Baeza, Diezmo Viejo, and Nemesio Diez. It refers to clauses and articles, which have been violated or not taken into account, demanding local authorities to comply with the law.


SMA residents symbolically closed the rehabilitation and extension of sidewalks (Photo: Periodico Correo)

On Monday December 26, the director of Public Works. Felipe Tapia Campos informed that the Municipality of San Miguel de Allende will have to return the approved resources for the work of Aldama Street, since there was no permit officially issued by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), reason why the “andador” project will only apply for Calle Nueva and/or Nemesio Diez.

Residents of San Miguel publicly demanded more communication between citizenship and government, as well as transparency by the directors of Public Works and Urban Development; after holding a meeting outside Parque Juárez, where they sought to symbolically close the works of rehabilitation and extension of sidewalks.

After a little over an hour of dialogue, the participants agreed to meet today. Thursday December 29, in a work meeting with all the parties involved.




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