Published On: Fri, Jan 20th, 2017

Touring Love on Valentine’s Day

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Enjoy learning how locals, past and present, experienced love and romance on Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.
Learn about the:
·         nun on city buses that is having orgasms driving around town
·         priest that fathered both the nation and several children
·         Hollywood movie star’s obsession with his mother
·         last minute cancellation of a wedding to be a bride of Christ instead
·         love life of Jesus’ grandmother that rivals any telenova vixen’s
·         nun that gorged out her eyes, rather than marry Prince Charming
·         unfaithful wives’ fate in Plaza Civica
·         single ladies finding husbands by taking others’babies
There are plenty of love stories making San Miguel de Allende one of the world’s most romantic cities and the hot spot for destination weddings.  Learn why on 9AM on Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 13th and 14 th starting from in front of the Oratorio church.  The tour is 400 pesos or 20 US dollars and lasts about two hours with flat walking.  The tour is lead by TripAdvisor’s top ranked local historical walking tour guide and the Amazon bestselling author of the San Miguel de Allende Secrets’ series of books. 
For a private tour and other tour options visit to contact your guide to San Miguel de Allende’s Secrets!
Joseph Toone is the Historical Society’s short-story award winning author of the SMA Secrets book series.  All books in the series are Amazon bestsellers in Mexican Travel and Holidays.  Toone is SMA’s expert and TripAdvisor’s top ranked historical tour guide telling the stories behind what we do in today’s SMA.  Visit, also on FaceBook.



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