Published On: Mon, Mar 27th, 2017

Guanajuato participates in the Red Cross Annual Collection 2017

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SILAO, Guanajuato — The Governor of Guanajuato, Miguel Márquez Márquez, led the start of the annual Mexican Red Cross Collection 2017, with the goal of strengthening the humanitarian work carried out by this instituton in the state.

The Annual Collection is held from March 22 to May 30, which motto says “Please, do not close your eyes”, aiming to collect 12 million pesos to buy and give maintenance to Guanajuato’s ambulances.

In that sense, Márquez Márquez pointed out that after 107 years, the Mexican Red Cross continues providing the best humanitarian assistance and saving lives in Mexico and Guanajuato.


“This an institution that generates trust and prestige among the citizens, so that thanks to its vocation of service has allowed it to remain over the years”.

“What the Red Cross does is priceless, for more than 107 years they have served the world, Mexico and Guanajuato,” he said.

National President of Mexican Red Cross Fernando Suinaga Cárdenas acknowledged the Governor of Guanajuato’s commitment to this institution and Guanajuato residents and thanked him for the unconditional support he provides every year. Therefore, many lives have been saved here.

It should be noted that the state’s government granted more than $8.5 million pesos ($425 thousand USD) in 2016 to this institution and 5 thousand doses of alacramin. In the same way they supported the State’s Directorate of Infantile and Family development (DIF) collecting more than $10 million pesos ($500 thousand USD), which exceeded the established goal.

Miguel Márquez Márquez explained that it is estimated that in 2016, over 1.18 million medical services were provided in Guanajuato. At national level, the Red Cross offered 266,640 medical services, 80,462 ambulance services and 671,501 health care services.

Additionally, 13,188 people took a training program offered by both public and private sectors. Likewise, the Red Cross in Guanajuato currently has 10,381 volunteers.




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