Published On: Thu, Apr 20th, 2017

DHL opens new office in Leon, Guanajuato

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Eric Gantier, DHL Global Forwarding Director, told AM news website that: “Guanajuato’s different industry sectors are rapidly and exponentially growing, overtaking the current infrastructure and making things more difficult and complicated for both government and private initiative in terms of logistics”.

In an interview, Gantier explained that this is happening today in Guanajuato and along the Bajio region, and stated that DHL is coming to the area due to the great market potential in the state of Guanajuato, and declared that they are ready for any challenge generated for the enormous growth of the local automotive industry.

“Guanajuato must adapt to its own reality, and we must work at the same speed of the industry’s growth, to be closer to the customer, to be creative and offer efficient solutions and alternatives that will serve our clients. The industry here continues to grow, and we need to be prepared”, added the Director.

In March, DHL opened its new office in León, which was a great investment, focusing on Bajío’s customers, who formerly were served by our Guadalajara branch office.


Eric Gantier, DHL Global Forwarding Director (Photo:


“We decided to start operations in León because we have many clients from the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing industries that are settled in this region, with our main offices located in CDMX, Monterrey and Guadalajara: we saw the need of a new facility in the Bajio”, said Gantier.

This opening is part of our “2020 plan” that contemplates opening one new office per year in different cities in México. Our León facility will operate independently in the near future, for the moment, we collaborate directly with the Guadalajara office.

Gustavo Diez, DHL Director of Marketing and Sales, continued: “most of our customers are concentrated in central Mexico, due to the large number of companies that have been established here, and we detected that all of them need the kind of services offered by DHL”.

“Regarding the insecurity problem, DHL works in a preventive way along with its clients. Our goal is always to prevent and have a corporate security structure. We work closely with clients to make a joint work in terms of advice, best practices, and recommendations for the management of logistics in relation to the insecurity that prevails in some parts of Mexico, and we have a surveillance center in Mexico City to make sure that each process is properly completed, according to protocol”, Diez concluded.




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