Published On: Fri, May 19th, 2017

“Nena” luxury boutique hotel wrapped in Querétaro’s urban environment

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“A large mansion in the historic center of Querétaro has been turned into the “Nena” Hotel Boutique, a property focused on senior executives and high profile market segment as part of the business strategy of our chain to start operations in more locations along Central México”, informed William Mervin, partner of the firm.

In an interview, Mervin pointed out: “Our brand opens its second venue in this city with the goal of beginning with an occupation of about 50 percent in the state, expecting to increase and consolidate the number of guests in the near future. Besides, this new branch is the second one in the country, the first one is located on San Miguel de Allende that has been successfully operating for five years now”.

“We are going to focus on top executives, which for us are very important, because industrially, Querétaro is one of the most developed cities in the country, therefore many foreign and national top executives travel to this city and demand high-end accommodations, that we will be providing them,” he said.


(El Financiero)

“We made an investment of about $500,000 dollars to rescue and remodel that building, located in the Historic Center of the city of Querétaro. The restoration works have lasted more than seven months, and many changes were made in electrical, sanitary and other services in order to have a sustainable concept. That was one of the biggest challenges in the project”, underlined Mervin.

The businessman explained: “the boutique hotel concept has been gradually entering Mexico. So far, for many people the meaning of “boutique hotel” is still not clear. So, it is important, both in Querétaro and in San Miguel de Allende, to maintain the essence of the place as part of that concept.

“Yes, it is a chic place, and what does that mean? That means the highest quality service for each and every guest, for example in our case, staff deals and interacts directly with the guest in a much more personal way than in a conventional hotel. All ornaments and accessories in the property can be purchased by the visitor, etc.” he said.

In addition, another important aspect is the exclusivity of the accessories that are in the property, from the pillows and mattresses, to a line of chocolates or essences and aromas.

On the subject of competitiveness, he considered that the boutique segment has a good opening in Querétaro, where hoteliers are doing things with quality.




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