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Former president Vicente Fox talks about the wall, this time in a very different way

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According Al día, the result of Vicente Fox’s visit to Philadelphia on the first week of April was surprising; unlike his controversial appearances in the mass media –  this time the Mexican president left behind the effectiveness of not-too-presidential language in order to develop and elaborate more complex ideas.

On this occasion there were no mean words for President Trump or the use of the “f” word to refer to the wall, that made him the favorite showman of Mexican and international media, very much at the expense of the statesman he in reality is.

“What the hell is going on?” Was perhaps the only license he allowed himself before explaining why, in his opinion, it is foolish to insist on isolationist policies and slogans like the “Make America great again” in an increasingly globalized world, where migrations are a natural and inevitable phenomenon.

The Fox who came to Philadelphia acted more like a historian rather than a “hombre malo,” who, in order to establish the urgency of the matter, pointed out two big failures in history: The Great Wall of China and the Berlin Wall.

His paused tone, however, did not hide the firmness of his words. Vicente Fox made it clear that he does not oppose the right of the United States to have safe and orderly borders, including “deporting those who are irregularly in their territory, but -he emphasizes- that should always be done while respecting the dignity of the people and their human rights.”


So why interfere in other issues like the US elections? For the former head of state, Trump’s words against his countrymen were the trigger of his discomfort. “This man went crazy when he said the Mexicans were going to pay for the wall. What arrogance! No Mexican would accept such a thing,” he said angrily.

Trump’s offenses against the Mexicans were not the only reason to seek a fight against the new White House tenant. For Fox, everything that smells like a dictator can be questioned, more so when the international community has been so soft when it comes to remind him “what they decide here affects the rest of the world.”

And he doesn’t exaggerate: history is full of facts that prove the United States has played a more than leading role in the future of many nations. From Central America, through the Middle East, Asia and the Southern Cone, they are well aware that – paraphrasing a recent article from AL DÍA News – when Washington sneezes, the rest of the world gets a cold. Unilateral decisions such as the exit of the TPP, the cancellation of the environmental commitments and the recent bombardment to Syria could end up proving the Mexican ex- president right.

Source: http://aldianews.com/articles/politics/vicente-fox-without-f-word/47357

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