Published On: Mon, Aug 14th, 2017

The shortest commercial flight in the world takes less than 1 minute

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The shortest commercial flight in the world lasts only 57 seconds in the air, 90 seconds total with landing and takeoff, in a journey of only 2.73 kilometers between Westray Island and Papa Westray Island, located in Orkney, on the Northeast coast of Scotland.

The service provided by the Scottish airline Loganair, a subsidiary of British Airways, began operations in 1967, and since then, covers this route between June and September.

The journey is made on board an Islander model airplane, with capacity for eight passengers and the cost of the ticket is approximately 28 euros round trip. With the ideal meteorological conditions, the trip can last only 47 seconds.

islander airplane scotland

This flight is made mainly by: health personnel, teachers, doctors, police officers and students, as well as by tourists, attracted to Papa Westray by the landscapes of the Balranald RSPB nature reserve, one of its main attractions.

All passengers are given a certificate stating that they have traveled on the shortest regular flight in the world along with a small bottle of Highland Park whiskey to commemorate the flight.




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