Published On: Sat, Jan 6th, 2018

Tijuana lawyer caught smuggling crystal meth and heroine into prison facility

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TIJUANA, BC, on December 29, 2017.- A Tijuana lawyer was arrested for attempting to smuggle 48 grams of “crystal”, and 15 grams of heroin into the Center for Social Reintegration (CERESO) of Tijuana.


The incident occurred during the preventive review that was carried out in a meticulous search when passing through the intelligent customs system. Since the lawyer showed signs of nervousness, he was asked to leave the line and step into an office for a full cavity search.


A State Security Police and Correctional Custody officer searched the man and detected in one of the socks a pair of regular size wrappings for which he was asked to remove his shoes.


The commanding officer proceeded to open one of the capsules which contained a transparent and granulated substance with the characteristics of “crystal”, so he immediately proceeded to check the other package which contained a brown substance which resulted to be heroin.


The approximate weight of the drug found was 48 grams of “crystal” and 29 grams of heroin, and the lawyer refrained to make any statement.


The detainee was placed under custody of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office where the pertinent investigation will be carried out and the corresponding authority will define the accused legal situation.

Comunicado de prensa emitido por SSP Del Gobierno del Estado de Baja California



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