Published On: Fri, Feb 16th, 2018

New Mobility Plan for San Miguel de Allende

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One of the major problems that the city of San Miguel de Allende (recently named “Best City in the World” by Travel + Leisure), is the issue of urban mobility, parking spaces in the downtown area and the growing number of vehicles that circulate for it’s streets.

In addition, this situation worsens during weekends and holiday seasons, when a significant number of domestic tourists arrive at SMA in their vehicles.

That is why the muncipal authorities are looking for alternatives to counteract this problem, and they just recently came up with a comprehensive plan for the city of San Miguel.

After an extensive study conducted  of this comprehensive plan, it was reported that currently there are approximately 2,270 vehicles and 463 motorcycles that require parking space in San Miguel de Allende, but there is only a total of 1,283 boxes for cars and 229 for motorcycles.

In the case of automobiles, these vehicles occupy each box (parking space), an average of 6.5 hours  with less than 2 rotations per day. And in the case of motorcycles an average occupation of 5.5 hours and a rotation of more than 2 per box (parking space)  per day during peak hours.

It has been said that the company that will carry out this project will be COMPENSA S.A DE CV, which apparently is a 100% Mexican company, and the details will be revealed shortly, since the plan is supposed to implented next month.


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