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If you dream of a relaxed and romantic new life abroad… come to Mexico!

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Mexico is the United States’ closest neighbor to the south, and at no other time in the long history of that relationship have the benefits of living and investing in Mexico been more apparent…and more easy to take advantage of. Not just for Americans, but for Canadians, Europeans…anyone looking for great weather, low prices, rich culture, and potential profits.

Think of it…moonlit fiestas, strolling mariachis, languid white-sand beaches, ancient colonial towns set in the rugged Sierras, even more ancient Mayan pyramids rising from the misty Yucatan jungle.

Mexico has it all: rich culture, perfect climate, affordable living, not to mention mountains, beaches, deserts, and just about everything in between.

Mexico is one of the world’s top destinations for those dreaming of a relaxed and romantic new life abroad. This makes it not only a great lifestyle choice…but one of the hottest real estate investment markets in the hemisphere. Here is why Mexico makes so much sense as a place to relocate…retire…invest…and, if history is any guide, profit…


Vibrant Economy, Safe Investments

Mexico is committed to enhancing foreign trade and investment, reforming fiscal policies, and attacking corruption and crime. This bodes well for your investment here. This is a stable democracy, so you don’t have to worry that social unrest will unseat the government.

Colonial Homes…Beachfront Lots…Age-old Haciendas…

Whether your dream retreat is a graceful colonial home with lavish gardens, a simple beachfront bungalow where you can prop up your feet and watch the tide roll in, an expansive hacienda with enough acreage for horses to roam, or a cliffside villa with sunset views and cool, steady breezes, you are likely to find your dream home in Mexico.

You Can’t Beat the Quality of Life in Mexico

Wherever you go in Mexico, the people will charm you, the natural beauty will seduce you, and the remarkably affordable cost of living will entice you to stay.

Whatever your motives for settling in Mexico…whether you hope to escape the fast pace of life up north, enjoy a better lifestyle for less than you’d pay at home, or discover a safe haven where the crime rate is low and you can enjoy a “small-town” existence…you’re likely to find your quality of life improved in this country.

Things take longer, so you learn to slow down. Goods and services cost less, so you can afford the kinds of luxuries only the very wealthy enjoy up north, like a maid, a cook, and a gardener.

Whatever attracts you to Mexico—the easy living, the glorious landscapes, the extraordinary real estate, the affordable cost of living—we don’t want you heading off unprepared. That’s why International Living tries to take you as close to living in Mexico as you can get without buying a ticket, flying there, and hiring a private guide.

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