Published On: Tue, Jul 23rd, 2019

Three arrested for the murder of two police officers in SMA

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 The Municipal Government of San MIguel de Allende made the following statement around 4:30 PM on Tuesday July 23:
“The Municipal Government deeply regrets the death of two police officers resulting from a cowardly attack Tuesday afternoon in Colonia Independencia.
Municipal, state, and federal authorities initiated an intense operation to capture those responsible. The situation was controlled immediately, in order to minimize risk to civilians.

Around 1pm, three men opened fire on two police officers directly and without apparent cause. 

Local authorities used the C4 camera system to identify the suspects and they were located and captured in the Montes de Loreto neighborhood. 

The three suspects, identified as the aggressors , were transported to the Secretary of Public Security, General of the D.E.M. Rolando Hidalgo Eddy along with Municipal Police. 

The Government of San Miguel de Allende reiterates its strong condemnation of this aggression against public servants and maintains the collaboration required by the ministerial authority.

San Miguel Times Newsroom with information from Gobierno Municipal de San Miguel de Allende



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