Published On: Mon, Mar 30th, 2020

Hotels are closing down in Guanajuato due to coronavirus

The president of the Guanajuato Association of Hotels and Motels stated that for Easter the tourism season is practically lost due to the COVID-19 crisis.

“11 hotels members of the Association of Hotels and Motels of the city of Guanajuato have been closed for the last two weeks in the capital”, said the president of this association Liliana Preciado, who added that another 5 hotels are about to close in the coming days.

“Occupancy is very low, we are at 10% hotel occupancy,” said Preciado Zarate, adding that the association fully understands prevention measures, so they implemented a campaign admonishing people to stay at home, while posting on social networks phrases like “Stay at home, Guanajuato awaits you when everything goes back to normal”.

“We fully understand that hotel owners are thinking about protecting the health of their staff and guests, that’s why they better wait until the contingency passes”, she added.

Preciado Zárate declared that for “Semana Santa”, the season is practically lost, so they are already designing campaigns to reactivate tourism in the capital once everything goes back to normal. Hotels and other businesses will collaborate with the state Tourism Secretariat and the direction of tourist development of the municipality to promote the destination.

In downtown Guanajuato, authorities have increased from 3 to 4 hours the free parking time in the underground parking lot, this was announced by the director of Traffic, Mobility and Transportation, Luis Rivera Almanza, however, he clarified that motorists who last more than 4 hours parked in this place will continue to be fined.

Due to the contingency and the recommendations to stay at home, Miguel Hidalgo street has been increasingly lonely, so the Directorate of Traffic, Mobility and Transportation, decided to give flexibility to motorists who use this street to park their vehicles, only during the contingency though.

He also said that the Breathalyzer operations will be modified during the contingency, police officers will only be patrolling the streets and making routine inspections and checks to catch people who are driving under the influence of alcohol.

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