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Otoplasty, the most popular ear operation

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Many of us complain about the shape of our ears without knowing that there is a procedure called otoplasty, a surgery of the pinna. Some people do not like the shape of their ears and 5% of the population has a deformation. This can be the cause of psychological problems and insecurity in the individual. This is the reason why many women prefer haircuts that hide their ears, which leaves them without much scope to choose and change their look.

Are you in this position? Do you think you may need an otoplasty?

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects malformations of the ear. It is cosmetic surgery, usually due to a birth problem and a deformation of the pinna, however, these ones are milds. It generally is a condition inherited from our parents or grandparents, which causes a complete formation of the ear folds. These folds can be; helix and antihelix. There may even be a projection towards the anterior plane that makes our ears more prominent.

The goal is to achieve a result that looks natural, at an angle that is not too prominent. In this way, the patient will feel more comfortable and will show off their ears with confidence.

There are different otoplasty techniques, and each one is tailored to a particular need. The wounds to perform this surgery are in the back of the ear and all the sutures are in the auricular cartilage, and the only visible sutures will be hidden in the posterior fold where the ear meets the head.

What is it for?

The main use of otoplasty is for prominent ears. Those ears that stick out a lot on both sides and look very large, even if they are normal size. It is usually and ideally used in young children, between 5 and 7 years of age. This allows them to fix the cosmetic problem before it becomes a problem and causes insecurity.

Like any other type of major surgery, otoplasty poses a risk of side effects such as bleeding, infection, and an adverse reaction to anesthesia. It is also possible to have an allergic reaction to the surgical tape and materials used during or after the procedure.

Otoplasty is a delicate procedure that requires planning and great precision. Therefore, make sure you contact a good surgeon who has experience in otoplasty and who, for your comfort and ease in follow-ups, attends in a place close to where you live.

We want to thank Dr. Cuitláhuac Gomez plastic surgeon who reviewed and verified this article. Dr. Cuitláhuac obtained the Specialty in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León 2002 and the Bachelor’s Degree as Surgeon at the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas 1995.

He has 25 years of experience where he has specialized in Augmentation Mammoplasty, Facial Rejuvenation, Blepharoplasty and Rhinoplasty, Liposculpture among others. 


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