Published On: Thu, Aug 25th, 2016

Tobacco causes 56 thousand deaths in Guanajuato

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The Guanajuato’s Ministry of Health indicated that in the last four years, 56 thousand people have died in the state for diseases related to the consumption of tobacco.

Guanajuatenses faced diverse conditions for tobacco smoking, such as respiratory diseases, high blood pressure and lung cancer.



It is estimated that in Guanajuato at least 20% of the population smokes.

“The State Program for Addictions Prevention and Care (Programa Estatal de Prevención y Atención de las Adicciones) serves to tobacco consumers through 140 units within the Prevention and Addictions Services Network (Servicios de Prevención y Atención de Adicciones), which has a plan for addicts to quit smoking”.




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