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A small group of expatriates challenges the authorities in Yucatan

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The Diario de Yucatan publishes today in six columns on page 3 of its local section, something usually heard in Mexico. Threats and intimidation of an elected government official. What makes this story unusual is that the threats and intimidation come from a group of expatriates living in the Yucatan, Chelem-Chuburna area.

This is a full translation of Diario de Yucatan’s note.

CHELEM Yucatan (Diario de Yucatan/Megamedia)- In addition to the material damage it caused when it passed through Yucatán, the tropical storm “Cristóbal” directly impacted the political situation and community work in Chelem, a small beach community a few minutes from Progreso. This mainly involves the municipal authority and a small group of expatriates who live in that town and Chuburná.

Chelem Yucatan

According to data collected, at the heart of the matter is a collection of support promoted by the foreign group, which supposedly targeted the vulnerable population of the Chelem. Still, the objective was not met, and as the days went by, complaints, threats, and even strange incidents began to emerge for which no one is, so far, directly responsible, but which endangered lives.

In this unprecedented case, there are well-identified protagonists:

1) The American Wade Yarchan and other foreigners who support him in a campaign against the municipal authority.

2) The municipal commissioner, Bianey Bibiana Chim Pat.

 3) Indirectly, a group of Americans who are affected by Yarchan’s actions. They have even been victims of intimidation and pressure.

Formal complaints
The situation has resulted in complaints to the State Attorney General’s Office and a division of the American community residing in Chelem, which in its great majority has always supported the port community in a disinterested manner, and in this conflict, they support comisaria Chim Pat.

Chelem’s comisaria Bianey Chim Pat.

The majority group of expatriates, disapproves of the work of Wade Yarchan, the visible head of those who have confronted authority over the issue of support and have unleashed a campaign of division in the social networks mainly.

So far, the problem has been handled in community circles, although the City of Progreso is already aware of it. There is no intervention unless it is known from the U.S. diplomatic representation in Yucatan. However, the minority group puts pressure on other U.S. citizens. It promotes political ideas openly, in some cases with messages of hate and racism. Evidence that was made available to this newspaper.

Early signs of trouble.
Reporters from Central 9, the Journalistic Investigation Unit of the Megamedia Group, learned of the case a few days ago and confirmed that the conflict had already moved to the criminal arena, with the judicial complaints.

Central 9, the Journalistic Investigation Unit of the Megamedia Group – Diario de Yucatan

We sought the opinion of Professor Bianey Chim, who arrived at the municipal commissioner’s office by popular election in November 2018. The young official confirmed that she had filed a lawsuit against Wade Yarchan. She is very emphatic when she says that it is not fair that the support of more than 500 Americans and Canadians living in the port for several years should be questioned because of some people’s misconduct.

The real state broker.
Wade Yarchan is a real estate broker, owner of the firm Yucatan Beach Homes. He lives in Chuburna territory but decided to participate in campaigns to raise support for Chelem from the “Cristóbal” storm. Other foreign residents have joined his cause.

In the next edition, we will address the situation that prevails among the American community living in Chelem and Chuburna due to this conflict, which has also jumped to electronic pages that spread information about this part of the Yucatan coast.

Effects of the storm
According to the comisaria’s account, Yarchan has assumed an attitude of defiance and confrontation with authority because he could not handle at will a scheme of distributing aid to the population affected by “Cristobal.”

The official, Bianey Chim, considers that the foreigner’s attitude may have its explanation. He could not or has not been able to justify using the money contributed by Americans living in Yucatan and his country of origin. She adds that these are people who trusted Yarchan’s word to support the victims and made cash donations to him.

The situation reached such dimensions that it jumped to personal threats and social networks. Bianey Chim was accused, without evidence, of being guilty of having seized alleged resources.

After the threats, the teacher explains, serious incidents coincided: the family car broke down, and a mechanic ruled that water had been introduced into the gasoline tank; later, the same vehicle had a cut brake hose, and the police station transfer vehicle had its brakes cut when Bianey Chim was driving it (to be continued).

Chelem, Yucatan (File photo)

Chelem Conflict
The problem at Chelem, arose after the passage of “Cristóbal.” Wade Yarchan, an American living in Chuburna, asked his compatriots for donations to support the victims of the storm in Chelem. The strategy was not carried out, and a smear campaign was launched against Bianey Bibiana Chim Pat, Chelem’s comisaria.

Expatriates in the Chelem-Chuburná corridor.
Many foreigners who live on that part of the coast have coordinated with the municipal authority, supporting the community and its authorities, and never had any problems. Must of them disapproves of its compatriot and supports Bianey Bibiana Chim Pat, the target of intimidation.

Who is the promoter of the intimidation campaign?
Wade Yarchan an American real estate agent who has other foreigners and people from Chelem at his service.

Are there any complaints yet?
The case has already reached the State Attorney General’s office. One of the complaints is from Chelem’s comisaria Bianey Chim.

Read the original note from Diario de Yucatan

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