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Voting against AMLO is voting for Mexico (OPINION)

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By Jorge Negrete Cárdenas

MEXICO, May 29, 2021, (EL FINANCIERO).- Democratic vote grants power, takes it away, expands or limits it. June 6 is time to shut down a patently inept demagogue from the exercise of power. The votes give legitimacy to govern, not capacity or intelligence, nor do they grant democratic credentials. Andrés Manuel López Obrador has shown what was said about him for years: “He is a danger to Mexico”.

A danger especially for those whom he swore to protect and help the most: those who have the least. Of the millions of poor people who trusted his words, that false image of simplicity, honesty, and austerity, and who voted for “La Morena.” No one has AMLO betrayed more, leaving them without medicines, community kitchens, children’s rooms, or shelters against gender violence. Their actions have caused their children to die of cancer, to lose their jobs, their sources of income, and well-being.

The one who until today swears honesty presides over an administration that overflows crap. The one who boasts of being incorruptible is upset when one of the many robberies of his relatives, friends, and collaborators comes to light. The nation’s economic resources are not only mismanaged, but billions of dollars delivered via direct award contracts. Of course, the President is bothered by transparency and wants to end it, it is one of the few lights that his administration exhibits as the nook of thieves that it is.

López Obrador would not be the first head of government to establish himself as a dictator, “the wolf in democratic sheep’s clothing”. In this, political ideology is irrelevant, tyrants are from the left or the right. Adolfo Hitler, Hugo Chávez, Daniel Ortega, and AMLO are cut with the same scissors: they asked for the people’s vote seeking to exercise power in an absolute way, and they are hindered by institutional counterweights and control mechanisms.

A Chamber of Representatives with an opposition majority will be able to curb the worst excesses of the dictator apprentice, starting with his discretionary handling of the nation’s money. Deer Park is the latest action in the way the Tabasqueño dumps taxpayers’ money on his personal obsessions.

It does not matter if he throws away millions of dollars to import less gasoline, while the health system collapses and the material infrastructure collapses, including that of the Metro in CDMX. A couple dozen more deaths, among many, from corruption. No one has resigned, much less has been detained, because impunity is part of the Obradorista stamp. The dead do not vote, but millions of the living will vote in a few days. Mexico needs a Chamber of Representatives that can function as a brake and a counterweight, not a group of automatons ready to lift their finger, without changing one single comma to any initiative that comes from ‘El Señor Presidente’.

This is not the time for purposeful agendas, it is the time to stop those who harm Mexicans every day. Three years ago, millions made a serious mistake. For those who voted with courage, with the desire to change things, with confidence in the many promises, it is time to cross the ballot again, with the same courage, thinking of the millions who have been harmed by this authoritarian demagogue.

Three years ago they voted for someone en masse. It is time to take away that blank checkbook, with the citizen proving that a demagogue only cheats once. The worst President of contemporary Mexico long ago lost the benefit of the doubt. That is why one vote against Andrés Manuel López Obrador is a vote for Mexico.

By Jorge Negrete Cárdenas

Source: El Financiero

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