Published On: Thu, Jun 3rd, 2021

Origin of Carajillo and its delicious recipe that you can prepare at home!

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Description: A Carajillo is the combination of coffee and certain liquors, such as cognac, rum, anise, marc, or whiskey, it is generally served in a small rock-type glass or shot and is taken hot or cold with ice.

Mèrida, Yucatàn, (June 04, 2021).- The  Carajillo, is one of the most sought digestives by those who enjoy the pleasures of life. Its creamy flavor at a good temperature with ice gives a comforting sensation that does not fall at all heavy on the stomach.

But the delicious drink was not always taken after a meal.

The origin of Carajillo has different versions. One of them dates back to revolutionary times in Cuba, when Spanish soldiers mixed brandy with coffee to give themselves “courage” and go into combat.

Photo: (Rosa Negra)

Another version, and the most accepted, is according to the Encyclopedia of Barcelona, ​​which explains that the Carajillo is an invention of the Catalunya region that managed to spread throughout  Spain when every morning the slaves were given a  Carajo, that is to say, a cup of coffee with rum to motivate them in their working days with joy and energy.

The last hypothesis responds to the fact that transport workers in Barcelona did not have time to drink their coffee and a glass of liquor separately, so they chose to mix them in a single glass to meet their punctuality. While they were fissioning their drinks, they said the expression ‘Que Ara Quillo’, in Catalan it means “I’m leaving”, that’s where the name Carajillo comes from.

The origin does not matter but the delicious custom of drinking a refreshing Carajillo and sharing an evening with friends or family is what really matters.

Foto de LAS COSTILLAS DE SANCHO, Aguascalientes: Carajillo licor del 43 -  Tripadvisor
Photo: (TripAdvisor)

CARAJILLO 43, An absolute classic


  1. 50 ml Licor 43 Original (1 part / 1¾oz)
  2. 1 hot espresso
  3. Ice cubes


  1. Serve ice cubes up to half a glass and add Licor 43.
  2. Add hot espresso and mix.


Liquor Glass 43 Original


Bitter Coffee Sweet

Carajillo 43
Photo: (Licor 43)

We hope you dare to try this delicious and digestive recipe

Sources: Rosa Negra / Licor 43



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