Published On: Sun, May 29th, 2016

Citizen Observatory of León, Guanajuato submits first quarter crime report

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“During 2016, two types of crimes have increased 15% in the city of León, Guanajuato: business and home robbery.”

This was announced by Luis Alberto Ramos, President of León’s Citizen Observatory (Observatorio Ciudadano de León: OCL), during a presentation of the criminal incidents first quarter report; from January to March at municipal and state levels.

He noted that “burglary increased by 4% in Guanajuato, and 15% in León, over last year’s first quarter, with 398 robberies registered”.

Alberto Ramos said that “business robbery had an increase of 14% in Guanajuato and Leon with a total of 426 complaints officially registered during the first three months of the year, which means an increase of 15% in this particular category”.


Luis Alberto Ramos, President of León’s Citizen Observatory (Observatorio Ciudadano de León: OCL) (Photo: El Sol de León)

On the other hand, the President of León’s Citizen Observatory said that “other crimes decreased during this first quarter: homicide decreased by 5%, willful misconduct by 6%, rape by 15%, vehicle theft by 17%, injuries 35%, and street robbery decreased 56%”.


At state level though, Luis Alberto Ramos stated that there has been an increase of 6 types of crimes in 2016 in relation with 2015: kidnapping with 10%, manslaughter 16%, robbery to business 14%, robbery to vehicles 6% burglary 4% and intentional homicide with 3%.


Meanwhile, the type of crimes that have decreased are: rape by 2%, injuries by 15%, extortion by 50% and street robbery by 57%, however, Campos stressed out that Guanajuato is in the 8th place of the 10 states with the largest black-digit statistics, according to results from the National Survey of Victimization and Perception of Public Safety (Encuesta Nacional de Victimización y Percepción sobre Seguridad Pública: ENVIPE).

City of León (Photo:

City of León (Photo:

Talking about kidnapping, Campos declared that only two cases have been reported during this first quarter in Guanajuato and there is no record of any kidnappings in León so far this year.

Regarding car theft, the President of León’s Citizen Observatory said that there has been an increase of 6% statewide, but in León, it went down 17%. Out of the 1,425 car thefts registered at state level, only 275 vehicles were reported stolen in the municipality of León.

Source: El Sol de Leon



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