Published On: Fri, Nov 25th, 2016

UN: Security in Mexico must handled by Police forces not by the Army

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Despite the fact that armed forces participate in security tasks in Mexico due to the emergency situation experienced by the increase of violence, the UN considers that these tasks must be undertaken by civilian authorities.

During an interview at the XI National Congress on Human Rights, Penitentiary System and Fighting Corruption, Antonio Luigi Mazzitelli, UN representative for the Office on Drugs and Crime in Mexico, applauded the presentation of legislative proposals — such as the ones set forth by the Revolutionary Institutional Party (PRI) — to guide the involvement of the Mexican Army and Navy in security matters.


Antonio Luigi Mazzitelli UN representative for the Office on Drugs and Crime in Mexico (Photo: Google)

Mazzitelli pointed out that measures taken in emergency situations cannot become a constant practice.

“We understand that there is an emergency situation, however, this must not become a routine. Hence, all legislative proposals that provide for the armed forces to carry out necessary tasks are welcome. But the main recommendation is that civilian security tasks should be undertaken by civilian police forces,” said Mazzitelli.

He also said he trusts legislative progresses to set forth instruments aimed at strengthening security locally as well as for implementing a sole command.

On the cases of corruption throughout the country, such as the cases of former governor of Veracruz Javier Duarte or Tomás Yarrington in Tamaulipas, the UN representative claimed that justice must prevail.

By Nohemí Gutiérrez for The News MX




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