Published On: Sat, Jan 21st, 2017

Antonio Luna’s attorney was revoked

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SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE- On Thursday January 19, Attorney José Luis Vargas Ramírez was revoked as an advocate for Antonio Luna, accused of murdering his children, and threatening the lives of five ministerial police officers.

The family of the three mudered children requested before Criminal Court that Attorney José Luis Vargas Ramírez would be removed of this position, and it was ratified by Antonio himself and approved by the judge during the hearing that took place on Thursday January 19.


Lawyer José Luis Vargas Ramírez (Photo: Periódico Correo)

Antonio’s family declared: “the lawyer usually didn’t inform us of any situation, therefore we were not convinced that he is the right attorney for this case, so we decided to look for another option, a new lawyer”.

“External factors are the real cause of my dismissal; and it is a terrible and irresponsible decision, “Attorney Vargas Ramírez said, while he left the Court’s Hearing courtroom.

On Friday Jan. 20, the second testimonial evidence session was about to take place, however a recess was requested.

At the time of resuming the hearing, Attorney Jose Vargas was notified that he wouldn’t be the advocate for Antonio Luna anymore.

So far it has not been defined who will be the new defender.




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