Published On: Sat, May 6th, 2017

“Distintivo Marca Guanajuato” opens its first venue in León

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San Miguel Times brings report on “Marca Guanajuato”, an official registration of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI – Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial), supported by the Mexican Institute of Standardization and Certification (IMNC – Instituto Mexicano de Normalización y Certificación), a distinctive received by more than 300 small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

On Wednesday May 3rd, the “Distintivo Marca Guanajuato” opened its first point of sale on “Calle Madero”, in the municipality of León, featuring dozens of products elaborated by native artisans. This venue includes a gourmet artisan display.

Currently more than 400 products have received the “Distintivo Marca Guanajuato” , and more than 50 state companies export their products to other countries.

Joel Froylán Salas Navarro, State Undersecretary of the State’s Secretariat of Sustainable Economic Development small and medium enterprises development project, declared: “We are currently exporting meat products, fresh vegetables and handicrafts, as well as footwear”.

“The new point of sale is located on “Calle Madero”, owned by the Flexi Group, where a the library used to be”.


Mayor of León, Hector López Santillana, Secretary of Economic Development of the State, Guillermo Romero Pacheco; Director of Hospitality and Tourism, Gloria Magaly Cano de la Fuente; federal deputy Alejandra Reynoso Sánchez and the Undersecretary of the development of the small and medium enterprises attended the inauguration ceremony on the morning of Wednesday May 3rd. (Photo:


In this place, all kinds of handicrafts made by native artisans will be exhibited and a gourmet display will take place where visitors and tourists will enjoy the most exquisite and delicious, sweet and salted food products.

Froylán explained: “Entrepreneurs from Guanajuato, San Francisco del Rincón, Dolores Hidalgo Moroleón, Uriangato and Yuridia are exporting a collective brand of hats, pottery, majolica and clothes. In Celaya, exporters are working on producing caramel (cajeta) and meat products; while in Irapuato regional candies are being manufactured at large scale”. All of our products are widely accepted in international markets such as the United States, Europe and Asia.”

Other retail outlets will be exhibited soon at Poliforum León, as well as large transnational self-service stores.

Currently 800 Guanajuato companies are in process to obtain the “Distintivo Marca Guanajuato” certification, and two more stores will soon open  in León, specifically in “San Martín” outlet stores and “Altacia” shopping mall.




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