Published On: Tue, Aug 8th, 2017

Human Rights violations in Venezuela, out of control: United Nations

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A group of UN Human Rights experts revealed the preliminary conclusions of an investigation which results suggest that there is a generalized, systematic and excessive use of force against the opposition in Venezuela and there have been arbitrary detentions against people demonstrating against the “Bolivarian” President Nicolas Maduro.

Interviews made by a group designated by the High Commissioner of the United Nations for Human Rights reveal violations to the fundamental guarantees which include violent illegal home searches, torture and mistreatment against people arrested during protests and demonstrations.

“This research was the result of a work that has been performed since last June, we asked Venezuela for permission to enter the country and carry it out IN SITU, but the Government never answer our request so we had to do it at a distance, from outside Venezuela we interviewed Venezuelans inside their own country or third party people in other countries who had information about the demonstrations”, said Hernan Vales, Human Rights officer in an interview with UN News.

An officer from the General Attorney Office of Venezuela was also interviewed, as far as July 31st this entity had investigated 124 deaths in the context of the demonstrations, according to experts Venezuelan security forces would be accountable for at least 46 of those deaths while armed pro Government groups or “armed collectives” would be responsible for 27 more of them.

The report also includes the violence of demonstrators against public forces and counts eight dead security force members dead in the demonstrations, it doesn’t mention, however, if there were civil casualties or hurt people among the pro Government citizens.

human rights violations in Venezuela

Nevertheless the results show that there was excessive use of force, cruel, degrading and inhumane treatment against detained opposition militants and even resorted to tortures such as electrical shocks on genitals and savage beatings, so Vales said that they OFFICIALLY DEMAND the Venezuelan Government to stop torturing and using the force against their own people, only because they don’t agree with the “Bolivarian” way of thinking, and to free all those people illegally detained.

Source: UN Radio



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