Published On: Thu, Feb 25th, 2021

Tulum police arrest gay couple for kissing in public (VIDEO)

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“They can’t kiss in public because there are children present”, was the argument of the police officers

The police detained a foreign couple for kissing, they were put in a patrol car and the video was broadcast on TikTok and due to the pressure of the people they were released.

“I want to express my anger because the police here in Quintana Roo are homophobic,” said the Municipal delegate of Women in Movement Tulum of Movimiento Ciudadano, Maritza Escalante.

She said that she was on the beach with her family and noticed that some officers on ATVs approached the foreigners on the beach and after 20 minutes a patrol car arrived and wanted to take them away in handcuffs because of their sexual orientation and public displays of affection.

The people gathered there were angry and frustrated by the police’s abuse and homophobia, said abuse going so far as to handcuff them together and move them into the back of their ATV.

“We started to give them support, we didn’t let them take them away, we even started to shout that all of us that ‘we were gay,’ but the police used public force and committed abuse of power.”

Then, they let them go and people started shouting, “No to homophobia!”

San Miguel Times



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