Published On: Wed, May 19th, 2021

SMA registers the most intense rain in the last 3 years

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The unusual rain registered on Sunday, May 16th, (the most intense in the last 3 years), caused damage throughout the city and even in the C-4, where the facilities were flooded and that caused that for 12 hours there was no attention from the 911, so an alternate line had to be enabled.

Currently, the service is already enabled. Civil Protection also registered significant damage to its facilities.

24.9 millimeters of water fell during 7 hours of intense rain; there were areas where the level reached almost 1 meter.

One of the most serious damages was that of the Control, Communications, and Computing Center (C-4) located to the north of the city, next to the administrative building. The water entered the facilities and it was necessary to disconnect the electrical power to avoid damage to the computer equipment.

Photo: Periodico Correo

This caused the 911 emergency call service to be disabled and it was necessary to enable a new number that worked for almost 12 hours, with the help of the State System for Coordination, Command, Control, Communications, Computing, and Intelligence (C5i).

According to the local government, these actions allowed the coordination between emergency corporations to be affected at no time.



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