Published On: Fri, Jun 24th, 2016

The Aqueduct of Queretaro, a snake crawling out of “Centro Histórico”

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There is a snake crawling out of the centro histórico of Querétaro, Mexico. It makes its way 1.78 kms along what is now the avenue Zaragoza and finally hiding its head into one of the hills surrounding the center of the city. This snake is over 30 meters tall, and is made of stone, its blood was the life’s blood of Santiago de Querétaro for centuries. This snake is the aqueduct of Querétaro.

Whether you see it in the day or night, it is an impressive site. The Pan-American Highway makes its way beneath its arches. It has stood for hundreds of years and is still used today to bring water to the dozens of fountains that are found in the UNESCO world heritage city of Querétaro, Mexico. It is immaculately maintained, and is a fixture in the Querétaro landscape. Along it’s base it is now surrounded by trendy restaurants and coffee houses, but it was not always so.


(Photo: Queretaro Guide)

When it was built, these streets were nothing more than fields of corn, and the legend of why the aqueduct was built is one of love that could never be. The aqueduct was built in the beginning of the 17th century by the Marquis del Villa del Aguila. At the time he was the richest man in Querétaro. He had more money than he could ever use, but he was old and alone. One day, while strolling through one of the many public plazas in Querétaro he came across a nun from the local convent of Santa Clara reading on a bench.

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