Published On: Thu, Feb 23rd, 2017

“Social Impulse Center” inaugurated in Guanajuato’s Puerto Interior

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In the morning of Monday February 20, State and Municipal officials along with government authorities laid the foundation stone of the Social Impulse Center (Centro de Impulso Social) at Guanajuato’s Puerto Interior.

The center will feature a library, workshops, offices, green areas, and a children’s playground, among other facilities; in a building of 6,962 square meters, which will generate at least 90 direct jobs; and the construction will be completed by 2018 first quarter.

This Center will benefit 21,119 residents, with language courses, special medical and dental care, as well as mechanical workshops and cooking and bakery classes.



Governor Miguel Márquez Márquez said that, the center will be the largest of this kind in the state and it will serve the residents of the “Alfarería”, “Chichimequillas”, “Nuevo Mexico” and “Emiliano Zapata” communities, among others.

José Arturo Durán Miranda, Secretary of Public Works, explained that, the facilities include eight buildings and a plaza, restrooms, a multipurpose square, workshop modules for women and children, a three thousand square meters exterior area and parking lot.

Diego Sinhué Rodríguez Vallejo, Secretary of Social and Human Development, said that the “Impulso” centers model is very successful, and at the same time he thanked local enterpreneurs Adolfo and Luis Gómez, for their generous donation.

Tomás Grávalos, Guanajuato Puerto Interior Director, concluded saying that, the project will have the support of Federal, State and Municipal authorities.




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