Published On: Thu, Oct 18th, 2018

Mole contest in Guanajuato highlights regional gastronomy

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Women from localities near Guanajuato Puerto Interior (GPI) participated in the Second Traditional Mole Elaboration Contest, which aims to rescue and continue to promote the traditions of Mexican regional gastronomy.

In a statement, the state government explained that 65 cooks from 13 locations bordering the so-called Interior Port in the state of Guanajuato participated in the second edition of this event.

The jury was made up of seven chefs from the restaurants located in the Financial and Business Complex G100: Chilis, Hotel ECCE Inn, Restaurant SATO, Restaurant Obregon 42, Hotel Fiesta Inn Silao Interior Port and the General Manager of GTO Interior Port.

One of the characteristics of the contest was that the regional cooks had to prepare the mole in a traditional way using typical kitchen items to create the taste, texture, consistency, smell, color and of course, the preparation process is also evaluated.



The first place was for the team that represented the Providence community of Napoles, integrated by María Sánchez Granados, María Isabel Chagoya Ríos, Ana Victoria Andrade Rocha and Andrea Guadalupe Gómez Chagoya, who won prizes sponsored by the companies located at Puerto Interior.

The second place went to the team integrated by Julieta Sánchez Bernal, Laura Isela Mendiola Torres and María del Refugio Sánchez (also from Napoles).

The third place went to María García Caudillo, Lorena Sánchez Balandrán and San Juana Bonilla Ramírez, who represented the community of Playa Azul.




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