Published On: Mon, May 6th, 2019

Looking for the best Margarita in SMA?

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Mexico possesses a plethora of high-end drinking establishments set in the country’s most luxurious hotels, and SMA is no exception. But what about a good place to enjoy a big fat cigar?

Views of a historic stone dam and hillsides of old-growth cacti set the scene for the ultra-exclusive Casa Dragones Cigar Bar, a surrealist-inspired outpost tucked neatly into the new LiveAqua San Miguel de Allende Urban Resort.

The one and only Aqua Margarita

The bar’s namesake tequila—founded by the creator of MTV, Robert Pittman, and the first woman to receive the revered title of “Maestra Tequilera,” Bertha González Nieves—is the key ingredient for the Aqua Margarita, a concoction of orange and lime juice, citrus syrup, hibiscus concentrate and Casa Dragones tequila infused with serrano peppers, best sipped fireside while watching the moon rise over the dam.

The Cigar Bar at Live Aqua Urban Resort, San Miguel de Allende

The Cigar Bar at Live Aqua Urban Resort, San Miguel de Allende Photo: Courtesy of Live Aqua



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