Published On: Mon, Jun 12th, 2017

Vicente Fox asks Miguel Márquez to contend for PAN’s presidential candidacy

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During an event at the “Centro Fox”, former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada made a public call to the Governor of Guanajuato, Miguel Márquez Márquez to participate in México’s upcoming presidential election , as he has the necessary credentials and has shown the great ability to govern.

“Cheer up Miguel! There is still time, ride the bull. You know how to deal with an election, how to govern, and besides you have the capacity to transform things; you’ve demostrated that here in Guanajuato”, said the former president.

Vicente Fox continued: “There are many governors that lack the necessary background to compete in a federal election, though, Miguel Márquez shows the right skills”.

“Many governors who came from the PAN, usually participate in the private sector, too. Guanajuato is in the right way, and I expect we have another president from this state, and that could be Márquez”, Fox Quesada stated.


Former President Vicente Fox Quesada (Photo: Cuartoscuro)


In the same way, Fox acknowledged that facing the federal elections next year, there are different outstanding personalities aspiring to the highest position, but not many “panistas”.

“First you have to see the candidates, there are good ones in the PAN party, as there on the PRI party too,” he added.

“The only candidate that is not going anywhere is Andrés Manuel López Obrador because he has been playing “offsides”, and he has been showing that he is an empty character in last decades”,Vicente Fox said.

Fox concluded mentioning that the Morena’s national leader is a “false populist politician who just wants to climb up the presidential chair to become a dictator”.




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